Tuesday, November 20, 2012

“Nobody is Smarter than You Are"

According American philosopher and playwright Terrence McKenna, “Nobody is Smarter than You Are”.  “And even if they were, what good is their intelligence doing you?”  

I can’t help but be reminded of Republicans berating people to get a crummy job, heck even three crummy jobs while you’re at it.  Because everyone knows The American Dream is true (consider that the US has the lowest mobility rates out of any other Western country) and that one day you'll make it big, collecting a hefty paycheck that you don’t even need.   Right now you’re worthless apparently, and your whole worth is in your title and being seen as hardworking.  Your reward is feeling like you’re somebody in the distant future, not happiness.  And guess what: apparently you’ll be never happy.  Happy people are slugs, happiness is fleeting.  It comes in brief moments like your child’s graduation or a wedding.  After all, nothing fills us with more joy than a graduation or a wedding.  Many of them believes that life sucks and that this is your only consolation.   To me this is not Christian (or is it?  Pay now play later).  Rather it sounds curiously, like Social Darwinism.  What some of them suggest is exactly what you can find in the 1871 Social Darwinist primer Might is Right: Survival of The Fittest by Ragnar Redbeard.  But they have incorporated God into their minds and feel obligated to spread this idea, at least to their children who they assume are barbarians and blank slates.  Anyway that’s their opinion. They can’t really go around forcing people to agree with them.   

(I would say that Michael Savage is an exception, because he merely suggests to get a job, any job and then network.  That sounds reasonable.  And on a side note, he is very cathartic at times, like when he defends women against black Muslims, claiming that they are jealous of their women and that the only power they have is to the power to oppress their women.  Or when he goes on a rampage against Islam,  not radical Islam, but Islam, declaring he’s not putting his wife in a hijab and “if don’t like it you can shove it up your pipe.”  Before you claim Islamophobia, consider how Mormonism was racist until the sudden epiphany in 1979 that blacks are equal after all.  Savage touched on Muslims (just like one can criticize Mormons), but was mainly focused Islam and the Koran.)

I hate to harp on this so I’ll just touch on it: racial i.e. black conservatism.  While they suggest some of the same things, I think they were trying to help rather than preach.  I don’t see it as arrogant or condescending at all and never did.  I don’t see why they deserve to be seen as “the bad guy”, let alone mocked as “churchy”.   But this whole ending racism issue hinges on way too many factors starting with free will versus biological determinism.

I could keep it short and sweet but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my girls.  I consider radical feminism one of the few legitimate branches of feminism (or one of the few branches worth considering).  I see everything else including cultural feminism (women are emotional, men are rational), socialist feminism (let’s force women to do what they may perceive as man’s work), Camille Paglia (set up camp in sex-positive feminism, reverse all the efforts of sex-positive feminists to challenge the old double standard in one fell swoop; divide women into wives and whores, glamorize prostitution, and then toss out a lifeline about how women can be CEOs as long they don’t dare live like Samantha from "Sex and the City"), womanism (women’s issues have to be parsed out racially because blacks and whites can never connect on a human level while civil rights is a man’s issue but women join forces with that) etc. as sort of white noise.  Yet I feel a strong sense of solidarity with sex-positive and third world feminism.  My only criticism is that the former is predicated on an issue that can be solved in three therapy sessions and the latter is a projection of essentially Western women onto the third world.  As far as feminism as a whole being about: equal rights, minimal; choice, libertarian; in summary either obsolete or fait accompli.  Meanwhile radical feminism has a completely different mode of thinking about how sex and gender operates in society.  I’m familiar with some of it.  They believe there is a patriarchy that permeates every level of society from the workplace to the home and that furthermore for whatever reason this is problematic.  I’m not sold on it and disagree with a lot of it such as their stance on objectification but will continue to respect because of a friend.  

In any case, given the original link, none of these people are smarter than you and if they were would they be helping you?  We can discover life for ourselves.