Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dr. Phil on Slut Shaming

On Friday, Dr. Phil had an episode devoted to the phenomenon of “slut shaming,” bullying women for the way they dress or act. I was surprised that a show that caters to traditional middle America would have such a progressive topic. His stance against slut shaming was even more surprising, that people shouldn’t bully these women.  Guests included Laci Green, a youtuber who is firmly against the old double standard addressed in the last blog post.  Also on the panel was this infamous youtuber Trisha Paytas who wears provocative clothes and doesn’t appreciate being judged for it.

Two points; first of all, I didn’t like how Dr. Phil said that promiscuity has nothing to do with sex and is all about low self-worth.  I believe that he wouldn’t make an issue of promiscuity in men, so it was still a double standard even if he didn’t overtly bully.  

A second point:  I disagree with the notion that women shouldn’t be judged on what they wear.  Ideally, no one would be judged for anything that doesn’t hurt other people.  But in the imperfect world in which we live, people will assume things about you based on your appearance.  If you dress in a black cape they will assume you’re goth.  If you wear baggy pants they will assume you’re into rap.  They might even assume you’re a criminal.  So that’s part of life.  

I dress in somewhat bohemian, somewhat free spirited, comfortable clothes and have been asked if I am an artist.  I choose to dress in clothes that aren’t revealing or too sexy.  That way I can navigate through the human herd without being judged or bullied or giving people the wrong impression.  If you dress in a way that calls too much attention to yourself, you should expect both positive and negative attention.