Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Difference between Sex-Positive Living and Sex-Positive “Feminism”

Sex-positive means sexual liberation, being with whomever you want, whenever you want, however you want, as long as it’s safe and legal.  The philosophy first came into being in the late 19th century but exploded in the advent of the Free Love movement, led by the hippies in the 1960s.

Sex-positive feminism is a different beast altogether.  This branch of feminism first emerged in the 1970s in response to anti-porn feminism.  Thus, it’s almost solely focused on the sex industry, including stripping, porn, and prostitution, ignoring the issues that regular women face in terms of gaining sexual rights and liberties.  The saddest part is that while many Radical Feminists are former porn stars and prostitutes, including Andrea Dworkin and Shelley Lubben, most of the leading theorists of sex-positive feminism have no experience in the sex industry, including Susie Bright and Camille Paglia, the latter whose stances come completely from reading and thinking and who, as an old androgynous lesbian, has no business interfering with the dealings of men and women.
 Sex-positive feminism is a mixed blessing.  After all, here we have women talking about issues such as privacy, anti-censorship, pro-choice, and consent.  But they have hardly made gains in the area of slut shaming, and put way too much focus on women in the sex industry, who probably don’t give a crap about them.