Monday, January 13, 2014

Ain't Sayin' I'm a Gold Digger...

We all know that men evolved to seek a variety of beautiful young sexual partners, hence the sexual double standard.  One Suzume, a male member of Hipforums put it this way:

Men have exponentially higher testosterone and are more willing to have sex with many woman so they can plant their seed as much as they can; so if a man has sex with a thosand [sic] woman it's seen as an evolutionary accomplishment. 

A woman wants a man that she can trust when she carries the child, and since a man can impregnate like 30 woman a day but a woman takes 9 months to give birth to one child it would make sense why they don't constantly have a similar sex drive. 

So if a woman has sex with a bunch of men it's looked upon something that shouldn't happen and disloyal to child the man tried to seed. It's super easy for a guy to impregnate a woman, but it's back breaking torture for the woman to carry that child. 

But with that said is that double standard socially acceptable? I'd certainly think not, but we shouldn't judge it so quickly. If a man banged a bunch of girls I would see him more like a tool and same goes for the girl. I can't help but want to f*** a girl sometimes, but I let my girl take care of that urge and trust me...i'd choose that lady over 1000 goddesses any day

But women evolved to seek out one wealthy man for security and fatherhood.

However, nowadays women who seek out wealthy men are called gold diggers, whores, hos, and chicken heads.  This is another sad double standard that just goes to show that men have free reign to live their lives as they please but women are still enslaved in varying degrees.

Furthermore, in Western civilization, beauty and wealth are dopplegangers.  Women are pressured to fit the ideal beauty image for their race, while men are pressured to be wealthy.  Men often say they want to marry beautiful women.  I have a cousin who insisted that he wanted to marry a woman who looked like she could be in a rap video, refusing to consider that camera angles mean the women don't really look like that. Meanwhile, women could never say that they want to marry up.

Whereas men use loaded words like "hot", "babe", and "beautiful", women are forced to use tame terms such as "financially stable" and "ambitious."

Men routinely use women for sex.  The onus is on the woman to not allow herself to be used.  She's the slut, whether or not she enjoyed it.  Meanwhile women aren't permitted to use men for their money.  They're the prostitutes.  The men aren't the tricks.  But some people like being used, including sugar daddies.

I wasn't actually talking about using people, which is shallow and empty.  I was talking about taking certain logistical details into consideration in one's choice of a mate.  The two people presumably both love each other.  Of course you value each other's internal qualities.  Whether they both enjoy the sex is up for debate. But what is not up for debate is that the man can be less attractive, older, and even have a pot belly, which even Tyra Banks likes.

These are all things to take into consideration next time you find yourself criticizing women for carrying out their biological imperative and making life more fair for us all.